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Best ever pancakes!

Best ever pancakes!

fluffy lemon pancakes  

  • Best ever pancakes! - fluffy lemon pancakes

Tue, 15th Nov 2011

So we have had a lot of comments about these pancakes- how fluffy they are, that nice little 'zing' that make them so more-ish- so we have decided to put them out there for people to try at home while reminiscing about their stay at Mountain Range Lodge!

Yoghurt & Lemon Zest Pancakes

3 C     self-raising flour
1/4C   caster sugar
pinch of salt

3        eggs
1 C     plain unsweetened yoghurt
1 C     milk
1        lemon- zest + juice

In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients together.  Whisk eggs and then other wet ingredients in another bowl, then gently fold all ingredients together.

Serve with slices of banana, crispy grilled rashers of bacon and maple syrup!  Yum!


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